CISC/CMPE 327 Software Quality Assurance

Queen's University, 2019-fall

Professor: Dr. Steven Ding
TA: Ghazal Fouladfard []
TA: Andrew Grebenisan []
TA: Matthew Dixon []
TA: Chris Gray []
TA: Cesur KavaslarĀ  []

“Quality is not an act. It is a habit.” - Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

“Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people, it is a simple fact.” - Mark Fewster & Dorothy Graham

What is this course about? An introductory course in the practical aspects of software quality. Validation of software throughout the life cycle. Comparative effectiveness in defect removal of formal methods (proofs of correctness), inspection (walkthroughs and reviews), and testing (unit, integration, and system testing; white box versus black box). The primary purpose of this course is to introduce the concepts, theory and practice of software quality assurance through testing, inspection, and measurement. Course Outline.

Textbook. Lectures plus a range of library and web resources (for the main course content). CISC 327 Course Readingsā€”available at the Queen’s Bookstore.

Tutorials, laboratories and final exam. There are no formal tutorials. There are no scheduled labs, but you will require significant team lab time outside class to carry out your project assignments. There is no final exam.

Lectures, schedules, and locations. See the full calendar events and lecture details below. All the information below is generated based on a Google calendar in real-time. If you like to use a calendar application to manage your time, you can directly subscribe through Google Calendar by clicking here, or through any other calendar application that supports the iCal link here. Please note that for some calendar applications there may be delays when synchronizing event changes. OnQ use will be minimal. Schedule subject to change as the course progresses.

Command Line Programming University of Edinburgh Unix Guide The University of Edinburgh guide to the Unix command line programming environment.
Infionline Windows Batch Command Line Programming Guide The Infionline guide to MS-DOS (Windows) command line script programming, by Terry Newton.
Unix/Linux bash Shell Scripting Tutorial Steve Parker's online guide to Bourne shell / Bash shell scripting.
Reference Books Kan, Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering, Addison Wesley 1995. General reference on traditional software models, quality and metrics.
Gilb & Graham, Software Inspection, Addison Wesley 1993. Reference on traditional software inspection.
Sommerville, Software Engineering, Addison Wesley 1996. General reference on software engineering processes and procedures.
Succi & Marchesi, eXtreme Programming Examined,Addison Wesley 2000.
Wake, eXtreme Programming Explored, Addison Wesley 2000. Additional references on eXtreme Programming ideas and methods.
Jeffries, Anderson & Hendrikson, eXtreme Programming Installed, Addison Wesley 2000.
Software Quality Web Sites CompInfo Software Testing and Quality Control Page Software testing and quality links aimed at industrial Information Technology (IT) professionals.
Software Quality Assurance History and Definitions Software Quality Assurance history and definitions page.
NASA Software Quality Assurance Page The NASA Software Quality Assurance website, with standards, procedures and checklists used at NASA.
Workshop on Inspection in Software Engineering The proceedings of WISE'01, the first international workshop on software inspection, from McMaster University.
International Standards Organization standard 90003 (IEC ISO 90003 2004) ISO 9000 standard for computer software development and maintenance processes and procedures.
Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Maturity questionnaire used in SEI CMM assessments.